Stay Aware and Stay Safe
We need your help

Millions of Ukrainians continue to flee to other countries as a result of the military action in Ukraine.

The vast majority of these people are women, children and the elderly. 

Unfortunately, once they leave Ukraine, the danger does not end there, as traffickers prey on these vulnerable people and exploit their circumstances for their own profit. There is evidence of Ukrainians falling into sexual exploitation or forced labor as they seek work and housing in host countries.

We all have a responsibility to help keep them safe, equipping people with the knowledge they need to make informed choices and access help if they need it.

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and Thomson Reuters are proudly partnering together on the “Be Safe” campaign which provides critical information and advice to help Ukrainians spot the warning signs of traffickers, minimise the risks and get assistance.

The Be Safe campaign is a digital awareness campaign running over several months, aimed to reach Ukrainians in host countries, with locally relevant information and advice to help them stay safe.

Now, we are asking YOU to join these efforts and support the Be Safe campaign today.

Support the Be Safe campaign

Our ask is simple: we need to inform as many Ukrainians as possible on how they can stay aware and stay safe. Please help us raise awareness by sharing the campaign far and wide:

  • Follow to stay informed and share the OSCE’s posts with advice for Ukrainians.
  • If you are an organisation, you can run a social media content campaign aimed at reaching Ukrainians in host countries. Contact us here to receive a complete social media toolkit to promote the campaign on your social channels. 

Our goal is to inform as many Ukrainians as possible about the dangers posed by traffickers. By working together we can help them Stay Aware, Stay Safe.

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

About the OSCE

Since 2003, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has a dedicated Office to help States combat, prevent and ultimately end human trafficking, the Office of the Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings. 

Through technical assistance, capacity building, research, policy development and awareness raising, the Office of the Special Representative co-ordinates the OSCE’s efforts on every aspect of combating human trafficking: it supports States in identifying and protecting victims of trafficking, it helps design effective strategies to investigate and prosecute traffickers, and it formulates evidence-based policies to prevent human trafficking from taking place in the first place.

Thomson Reuters

About Thomson Reuters

At Thomson Reuters, we leverage our proprietary data, technologies, and subject matter expertise to empower data for good in identifying individuals involved in human trafficking and facilitating justice for survivors. We are proud to work with organizations such as the OSCE to support the fight against human trafficking, by sharing best practices and identifying areas of collaboration. Our partnership reflects the power of public-private partnerships and how technology plays a key role in evolving our prevention, protection, and prosecution efforts in trafficking.